Making games

Has taken me places, from southern to northern Brazil and now Sweden.

I started my Game Design path in 2007 after fouding Aduge Studio, then worked at two of the most prominent game studios of Brazil: Aquiris Game Studio and the Samsung affiliated Black River Studios. In 2017 I moved to Sweden for the Serious Games master’s programme at University of Skövde and I'm currently living in Karlskrona, working as Lead Game Designer at Attractive Interactive.

The experiences I had on those studios included the whole spectrum of Game Design, like game concepting, designing game mechanics and systems, documenting, creating mockups and prototyping, level design, scripting (AI, events, simple features), assisting engineering and art teams on feature implementation with uncomplicated and effective solutions, balancing gameplay and some economy and pitching features and new games to partners. I’ve had games shipped for PC, Browser, Mobile and VR devices

I also like to carry personal projects, as it's the case of Hug or Die! A social experiment in the form of a board game with a minimalist set of rules promoting emergent gameplay, with the intent to bring more sensitive emotions to people.

This intent of exploring more sensitive experiences lead me to return to academia in September 2017 attending the Serious Games Master's Programme at the University of Skövde, graduating in June 2018. My goal was to deepen my knowledge of Game Design employed as a means to bring positive change to society, for that I developed the thesis project Exploring Underrepresented Narratives: Social Anxiety in Games to contribute with reducing stigmatized representations of mental disorders.
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