Lead Game Designer // Attractive Interactive
Karlskrona, Sweden · Sep 2018 - Present
Attractive Interactive is a game studio founded at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona. The studio mission is to develop unique and interesting games for a wide market. Our first game is a level-creation game for mobile called Paper Game.
I am responsible for concepting with the team, creating and documenting gameplay mechanics and systems, designing and implementing mechanics, features and tools along with the engineering team. I am also responsible for the User Experience amd product positioning.
Senior Game Designer // Black River Studios
Manaus, Brazil · Nov 2014 - Jul 2017
Black River is a 1st party content creator for Samsung based in Manaus. There, I worked on four VR projects and one mobile project spanning accross different gameplay genres, such as Conflict 0: Shattered, Angest, Rock & Rails, Finding Monsters Adventure VR and Finding Monsters Adventure Mobile. In early 2016, from the recognition of my work on Finding Monsters Mobile and VR, I was promoted to Senior Game Designer.
I was responsible for concepting with the team, creating and documenting gameplay mechanics and systems, designing and implementing mechanics, features and tools along with the engineering team, planning, gray-boxing and scripting the level design of the games, embedding narrative elements into gameplay. I also shared knowledge with internal presentations and mentored co-workers of different areas, like game design, UI/UX, QA and tech art.

Game Designer // Aquiris Game Studio
Porto Alegre, Brazil · Feb 2013 - Oct 2014
Aquiris is one of the best established game studios in Brazil. There I spent almost 2 years working as a Game Designer, mostly on a large F2P browser-based FPS project called Ballistic. I also worked on the infinite-runner advergame Quasar Quest for browser and mobile, and the flick-to-goal toy Pocket Goal for mobile devices. By the end of my stay at Aquiris I was the game designer responsible for the proof of concept team, making prospect projects for the studio.
I was responsible for designing new features and improving gameplay, prototyping features and game mechanics, balancing the game and economy according to playtests and telemetry data, pitching updates to the publisher and new game concepts to studio partners.

Lead Game Designer // Aduge Studio
Curitiba, Brazil · May 2007 - February 2013
Aduge was a 6 person studio primarily focused on developing gameplay experiences that emphasized strong aesthetics. The studio operated until 2012, and we released games such as Qasir al-Wasat, which was a finalist at IndieCade 2012 under the Story and World Design category, at BIG Festival 2012 for Best Narrative and Brazilian Revelation, and at SBGames 2012 won the Best Technology award. Other smaller projects from the studio include Mnemons, and Semblante.
I was responsible for game concepting with the team, then creating and documenting gameplay mechanics and systems, planning and building the level design of the games and embedding narrative elements into gameplay along with the narrative designer. Since Aduge had a defined cultural approach to games, all the processes included a careful concepting phase involving thorough research, constantly iterated during development phase.
I was also responsible for the QA process, bug hunting and assessing if the games were conveying the intended messages and aesthetics. This included performing exhaustive testing and managing outside testers partaking the quality assurance phases.

Personal Projects @ beto-138.itch.io
Master Degree in Serious Games
University of Skövde - Skövde, Sweden
September 2017 - June 2018

Graphic Design Bachelor Degree
Universidade Federal do Paraná - Curitiba, Brazil
March 2007 - November 2011
Best VR Game // SBGames 2017
Angest won the Best VR Game Award.
Best Storytelling // SBGames 2017
Angest won the Best Storytelling Award.
Finalist in 4 categories // SBGames 2017
Angest was finalist on Best Game, Best Visual Art, Best Audio and Best Technology categories.
Honorable Mentions // Vision Summit 2016
Finding Monsters Adventure for Gear VR received honorable mention for Best Game and Best Art.
Best Visual Art // SBGames 2016
Finding Monsters Adventure won Best Visual Art Award.
Technical Achievement Award // SBGames 2013
Ballistic won the Technical Achievement Award.
Story and World Design Finalist // IndieCade 2012
Qasir al-Wasat was finalist on the Story and World Design category.
Finalist in 2 categories // BIG Festival 2012
Qasir al-Wasat was finalist on Best Narrative and Brazilian Revelation categories.
Best Technology // SBGames 2012
Qasir al-Wasat won the Best Technology award.
Master Thesis

Gamasutra Features
A series of articles explaining the process of bringing Finding Monsters Adventures from Mobile to VR

Peer Reviewed
A series of papers focused on deepening the MDA Framework, available only in Portuguese
C.D.E. - Uma ferramenta para análise de jogos // Presented at Interaction South America 2010

Game Design, Gameplay, Digital and Analog Prototyping, Level Design, Grey-boxing, Scripting, Pitching, Mentoring, Researching, Virtual Reality, Graphic Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design
Unity3D, PlayMaker, Visionaire Studio, Twine, Confluence, Game Maker, Construct, Jira, Wiki platform, Git, SVN, Perforce, Adobe Kit, Microsoft Office, Reaper
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